Building Materials from Deconstruction Sites

Kolmapäev, 19 apr. 2023

Time: 13:00 – 14:10

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Eneli Liisma; TTÜ; Luc Boehme; KU Leuven; Belgium

The second panel focuses on recycling the building materials from deconstruction sites. Eneli Liisma compares Estonia to the rest of the world and talks about where we are and what we could be doing better. After that we will hear about RCA (recycled concrete aggregate) materials as Luc Boehme from Belgium focuses on leftover concrete and its recycling as a filler material.

Recycled building materials: Estonia vs the World

Eneli Liisma, Tallinn University of Technology

Tackling the topic of recycling building materials in construction on a wider scale, Eneli Liisma uses examples from both Estonia and the World to give us an understanding, why is recycling important and how it is actually done. Alongside the traditional approach, Eneli will also examine a more specific example of recycling in Estonia in this five part lecture consisting of the following topics:

  • The concept of recycling building materials – What & Why?
  • Current experience – Estonia vs the World
  • Hrushovka-type building demolition – Calculation of recycled building materials
  • Obstacles with recycled building materials – Red Tape Issues
  • What is the future in the field of recycling building materials?

About the lecturer
Eneli Liisma Graduated Tallinn University of Technology in civil engineering and proceeded in PhD studies in the same field. Worked 4 years as a project engineer in construction company, 7 years in the field of certification of building materials and over 10 years at Tallinn University of Technology as lecturer. Giving lectures and supervising laboratory work in the subject of building materials. Regular research is put on technical characteristics of building materials and their degradation mechanisms. The main focus is set on concrete and problems associated with. Recently external thermal insulation composite systems and its damages are taken into survey. 24 MSc thesis supervised during period 2012-2017 on the subject of different building materials. Together with over 10 articles published in field of building materials. Chosen as the lecturer of the year in 2015 in the faculty of civil engineering. Feeling hopeful that the contribution of researchers of civil engineering in TUT will make living conditions more sustainable and comfortable for Estonians.

Properties and test of recycled concrete aggregates used in concrete

Luc Boehme; KU Leuven; Belgium

With the increasing use of recycled concrete aggregates (also known as RCA) in modern concrete applications as a substitute for natural aggregates it is important to know how their use affects the mechanical properties and durability of the end product. To reduce these effects, RCA materials need to meet specific requirements before they can be used in certified concrete applications, but what are those standards and do RCA materials actually live up to them? Should we be worried about the resulting differences in the material’s properties or are we able to manage and work around them? In this more in-depth lecture, Luc Boehme analyses recycled concrete aggregates and answers the following questions:

  • What are recycled concrete aggregates and what differs them from natural aggregates?
  • What are the standards set for RCA and how well do RCA materials live up to them?
  • How does using RCA affect the end product’s mechanical properties and durability?
  • Can we work around these differences?

About the lecturer

Luc Boehme has graduated as Master in Engineering Technology in 1980. Since 1981 he has been member of the teaching staff of the former University College “KIH-WV”, later called “KHBO” and in 2013 integrated in KU Leuven, Faculty of Engineering technology, Department of Civil Engineering, Technology Cluster Construction. In the beginning of his carrier in the university college he developed the laboratory for building materials next to giving lessons. His has always been interested in recycling demolition waste and other industrial residues in building materials and/or applications. Since 1998 Luc Boehme has successfully executed several TETRA-fund research projects with topics on recycling. Luc then founded the research group RecyCon that focusses on sustainable materials management in construction, dealing with recycling of construction and demolition waste and other industrial residues.The research done in the ValReCon20-project led in 2012 to a first adaptation of the Belgian Standard for concrete using recycled aggregates.

Luc Boehme has also been lecturing in many foreign universities in Czech Republic, Greece, Spain, Finland, India and China. He has also given guest lectures about recycling in companies in China.

In Belgium, mainly in Flanders, Luc Boehme has a broad and strong industrial network in the recycling industry and in the building industry in general. He has very strong ties with WTCB, OVAM, VCB and OCW.

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Ehitajate tee – 5
Tallinn, Estonia

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